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Underwater Kinetics C4 ELED L1 Black

Spacer Underwater Kinetics C4 eLED L1 Black Spacer

Manufacturer: Underwater Kinetics
Part Number: UWK-190526
MSRP: $142.79
Sale Price: $135.99
Sale Price: $135.99
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C4 eLED The C4 eLED® waterproof light is our lightest weight primary light. It is designed to fit smaller hands while still offering brightness comparable to lights twice its size. Its water-cooled heat sink actually increases brightness underwater and improves burn time.

For maximum illumination and a comfortable fit, the C4 is the perfect solution   A pair of water cooled high intensityLEDs delivers over 5 watts of power. Brightness increases up 40% underwater with UK's unique LED watercooling design. Full and half-power switch can extend batter life even more Power circuit control maintains almost contant brightness with alkaline or rechargeable batteries Light from the eLED® is close to sunlight in color and travels farther through water for maximum visibility Non-breakable locking switch prevents accidental actuation.

Integral pistol style grip Fro.

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